It’s Not Too Early to Plan Your Office Holiday Party

Make Your Office Party One to Remember

Christmas in July?

The temperature is over 100 degrees, the kids are off at camp, and you’re about to relax in the pool.  Then a terrifying thought enters your head – You have less than five months to plan your office holiday party!

Whether last year’s event was a success or a flop, you know that the expectation is that this year’s office holiday party will be better than the last. Everyone is counting on you to find something that is fun, unique, and can effectively cater to all your co-workers. Finding yet another restaurant simply will not do.

A Unique Venue

Let Modern Round help make your decision easy. Modern Round is an entertainment concept centered around a one-of-a-kind, safe, virtual shooting and dining experience. Utilizing technology-based replica firearms, guests can interact with an array of video games and challenging scenarios. Modern Round appeals to a very broad customer base.  Male and female entertainment seekers of all ages – regardless of their shooting skills – love Modern Round. This also includes date nights, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events. Games include modern combat, zombie apocalypse, and secret agent scenarios. There are also new twists on classic video games like duck hunting and video hockey, as well as re-imagined versions of darts and trivia games.

Not Just Games

Guests can savor a broad menu of chef-inspired food, from imaginative “shareables”​ to seasonal favorites. The chefs expertly put regional and personal spins on many classic dishes. Modern Round is sure to satisfy your employees whether they are casual diners or those looking for an exciting culinary experience.

Modern Round offers special food, beverage, and shooting options for events

The Modern Round bar is always stocked and loaded. From mojitos to martinis, they offer a large selection of hand-crafted cocktails, fine wines, and the coldest draft beers in town. Modern Round boast that they pour their draft beer at a chilly 29 degrees. This is perfectly refreshing after working up a sweat shooting zombies.

Modern Round is a perfect venue for your next event or party

We Will Make It Party to Remember

The staff at Modern Round is well-seasoned in catering to corporate events and parties. They will ensure that your co-workers enjoy their one-of-kind experience. So, if you want a top-notch holiday party that will be the talk of the office for years, contact the Modern Round event coordinator today.

Start planning your party now!

For questions about parties and events,
please contact our Events team.



Don’t Watch the Action Hero – Have Fun Being the Action Hero

3 Best Places in Phoenix for Interactive Fun

3 Best Places in Phoenix for Interactive Fun

Summer is the time for big Hollywood blockbuster action movies. The theater provides not only an escape from the season’s brutal heat, but from the reality of everyday, normal life. However, although the content of a film may be intellectually or emotionally moving, you are still sitting still for two to three hours or more. You’re glued to the seat as the hero chases down the villain, avoiding gunfire and rockets from hired goons, and eventually wins the day. But, what if it was you who was doing the action? Here are 3 of the best places in The Valley that will put you in the middle of the action – and the interactive Phoenix fun!

Commemorative Air Force
Mesa, AZ l

3 Best Places in Phoenix for Interactive Fun

While over 80% of American adults have been in a plane, how many have experienced the thrill of soaring through the skies in an old warbird? Now you can feel like a flying ace from the air battles of yesteryear by spending some time with the Commemorative Air Force in Arizona. You can go up in the air in large, World War II-era bombers like the B-25 Mitchell (of the famous Doolittle raids) and the B-17 Flying Fortress (similar to the well-known Memphis Belle), but the greatest thrill is in the acrobatic, open-cockpit Stearman biplane. Relive a piece of air combat history as the you experience wind, speed, heights, and amazing views of Arizona, all at the same time. Feel the fun of flight.

Scottsdale, AZ l

3 Best Places in Phoenix for Interactive Fun

So many action movies involve jumping out of a plane. The exciting part happens during the time between stepping out the door and pulling the rip cord to open the parachute. iFly in Scottsdale, in the Talking Stick entertainment district, enables you to experience that time of speeding through the air, without the risk of plummeting to a splattered demise. Indoor skydiving at iFly is the simulation of true free-fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. Their modern wind tunnels give skydivers a consistent and practical way to develop and hone skills that usually require jumping from a plane. Additionally, the increase in availability of wind tunnels has created a whole new genre of sport – bodyflight. People of all ages can now experience the fun and thrill of a free-fall through the sky.

Modern Round
Peoria, AZ l

3 Best Places in Phoenix for Interactive Fun

Modern Round is a virtual shooting lounge that, along with a great bar and sophisticated menu, offer people the opportunity to use replica firearms to interact with an array of exciting games. No more entertainment through voyeurism, you are the action star! From military combat to surviving a zombie apocalypse, Modern Round offers scenarios to get your heart pumping and the adrenaline surging. Do you enjoy watching James Bond eliminate Spector agents or Han Solo blasting his way through a galaxy far, far away? Then imagine the thrill of doing it yourself with Modern Round games like Monte Carlo and Galactic Wars. And unlike the standard cinema fare of popcorn and soda, at Modern Round you can enjoy drinks from a full bar staffed by imaginative mixologists and creative, award-winning cuisine. Make sure to reserve your shooting lounge for some of the best interactive fun in the Phoenix-metro area.

Reserve your shooting lounge at Modern Round