Modern Round is a virtual shooting lounge where technology and entertainment meet delectable food, fine wines, and craft cocktails. Modern Round’s distinctive form of entertainment allows for an all-in-one night out suitable for first-time shooters and experienced firearm connoisseurs alike.

Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating evening out with friends, a unique date night, a fun twist on girls’ night out, or for corporate events, Modern Round has a safe, entertaining, and stimulating social shooting experience that aims to please.

A membership provides a gamer tag for access to play all of our signature games and compete. Scores are currently tracked and saved to this gamer tag and will be viewable at a later date. In addition, members receive exclusive offers throughout the year including a free hour of shooting anytime during their birthday month.

Modern Round has partnered with a leading provider of firearms simulators for military and police departments worldwide to customize a consumer product that gives you a competitive, challenging and social shooting experience that is unlike anything else on the market. Using replica firearms and advanced laser technology, you get a safe, unintimidating experience to learn how to shoot and handle a firearm and to increase your real world shooting skills.

No, absolutely not. Modern Round’s guns are replica firearms molded into the size, shape, and weight of actual firearms, yet cannot be converted into live firearms. Our replica firearms give you a realistic and accurate shooting experience without the danger of a real firearm.

Modern Round’s replica firearms fire no projectiles and are completely safe, effective, and innovative. Our replica firearms use an internal laser along with an array of hit detection technology integrated into the simulator to produce extremely accurate hit detection results. Our non-recoil SIRT pistols were created by shooters to increase your speed, accuracy and efficiency. We also offer a recoil rifle that uses an electronic blowback system. Want a real rush…flip the 3-position selector switch on the recoil rifle to burst fire and get ready!

No, teenagers and children 17 and younger are permitted in the shooting lounge as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Due to the realistic nature and language in our Live Police and Military training scenarios (AKA Shoot don't Shoot), they are not recommended for purchase when children are present.

Safety is Modern Round’s utmost concern. Even though Modern Round’s replica firearms are free from live ammunition, we demand absolute compliance with all standard gun safety rules. Non-compliance with gun safety rules could result in termination of your membership. The rules at Modern Round are as follows: 1. Treat our replica firearms as if they are always loaded. 2. Never point the muzzle of our replica firearms at anyone or anything other than the screen. 3. Keep your finger off the trigger and away from the trigger guard until you are ready to fire at the target on the screen. 4. When not in use, replica firearms should be placed in the case for safekeeping. 5. All replica firearms must remain in the assigned shooting lounge at all times and must be transported in a closed case when outside the shooting lounge. Pointing a replica firearm at someone is STRICTLY prohibited and could result in the immediate termination of your membership and removal from the premises. Parents and authorized adults are responsible for making sure that all junior members in your shooting lounge are complying with proper procedures.

Absolutely! Many of the creators of Modern Round are avid shooters and designed a multi-faceted simulation experience to introduce new shooters to the sport, attract those who don’t like the sounds of a live range, and challenge and exhilarate old pros. Shooters of all experience levels will find the Modern Round experience challenging, competitive, and safe.

Modern Round offers small plates to be shared with friends, chef-inspired sit-down meals that make every night a special occasion, enchanting desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth, and an extensive list of wines, cocktails, and beers to satisfy your thirst. Shooting is sure to leave you hungry! Check out our specialty skewers, slider trios, or flatbreads made specifically to be enjoyed in the comfort of your shooting lounge. Join Modern Round for a dinner to remember in the dining room, where Filet Mignon and fine wines are available for your pleasure. Complete your Shoot-Eat-Sip experience at Modern Round with our delectable Mason Jar Trio. You’ll be planning your next visit before you leave the parking lot!

The Modern Round staff is trained in the proper procedures and operation of the replica firearms. During your initial visit, you will be informed on basic procedures, operation, and safety of the replica firearms. Range attendants are also walking the floor and can assist you at any time.

Are you kidding? Modern Round is the BEST place for your next celebration, anniversary, or corporate event. Modern Round’s Event Coordinator will customize a party package specifically for you and make sure your next event is unforgettable. Visit our Party page to get started!

The only thing you need to bring is an appetite – Modern Round has a great menu and full bar for your enjoyment. Everything else is provided for you, and no special shoes are needed!

Yes, Modern Round would love to have your shooting lounge ready and waiting for you upon arrival. Give Modern Round a call today to plan your next visit!

Absolutely, you can buy a gift card at any Modern Round location.

Each game has a unique scoring system. At the end of the game, a scoreboard will appear onscreen to provide results. Leaderboards are posted on the Modern Round App listing the overall scores and performance of our sharpest shooters!

Modern Round is currently planning both leagues and special events. Sign up to stay informed to join Modern Round leagues and attend special events!

No, Modern Round offers a fun and entertaining atmosphere where people can come to have a blast. Our range attendants are fully trained and available for any pointers or assistance in handling, reloading, and aiming the replica firearms but are not a substitution for live ammo training. We do however partner with local gun ranges and can even provide you with discounted rates.

NO, personal firearms are NOT allowed at Modern Round. In order to maintain the maximum amount of safety for our guests, Modern Round prohibits all personal firearms from any Modern Round location. Since Modern Round locations have replica firearms, we never want to take a chance of someone mistakenly confusing a real firearm for one of our replica firearms.

Here are six reasons Modern Round is better than a live range: 1. Ammo is expensive – at Modern Round, the ammo is free. You can shoot an unlimited number of shots during your visit. 2. Shooting at paper targets gets a little old and boring. At Modern Round, we have multiple games and shooting scenarios; moving targets, accuracy drills, skills drills, and best of all, we keep score so each time you come in you can track your improvement. With so many simulation choices, you will never have the same experience twice. 3. Shooting at Modern Round is a social experience – in between shooting, kick back, order some food, and enjoy your favorite adult beverage while hanging with your friends. 4. The food and drinks are great, especially without the loud noise of a traditional range. Your significant other will want to come along too! 5. Teaching others to shoot is important to the sport. Learning safety rules and proper handling at Modern Round before you go to a live range is a great way to introduce family and friends to the thrill of shooting. 6. Modern Round has recoil. Standard simulators are great at helping you improve your grip, trigger control, and accuracy, but without recoil you don’t get the experience of resetting your shot. At Modern Round, our replica firearms provide recoil, giving you a true to life shooting experience.

We do offer Live Police and Military training “shoot or don’t shoot” simulations. This content was created to help train Military and Police forces worldwide using real life scenarios.