Modern Round is an exhilarating and empowering new entertainment concept for the adrenaline seeker in all of us. It’s part virtual shooting range part upscale lounge. You’ll experience state-of-the-art technology that feels as real as shooting a live gun. But instead of using live ammo, you’ll be at the center of a simulated world where you’re placed right into the action.

Gunslingers, zombie slayers, first-time shooters and expert marksmen will all find opportunities to get together and build their shooting and social skills. Modern Round is designed to be the perfect place that goes beyond the expected night out. It’s the modern way to come together and get out of the ordinary.

  • Get Trigger Happy

    Over 250 skill drills, Live Action missions and games in all of your favorite genres. Designed for all levels of shooters. New Live Action scenarios and games added on a regular basis. Our replica firearms are realistic and accurate but cannot be converted into live firearms.

  • Trigger your Taste Buds

    Our shooting lounges and bar offer a wide selection of shared appetizers, and small plates. Our full service dining room offers delicious entrées, such as filet mignon and seared salmon. Modern Round is sure to satisfy the casual diner and those looking for a gourmet culinary experience.

  • Bar

    Try one of our own Modern Round Mixologists signature or themed cocktails. Let us put the “Modern” in your next round of drinks.